Top-Ranked Workplaces in California

There are plenty of awesome companies out there to work for, and Californians have the great benefit of having many of them headquartered right here in the Golden State. From unlimited time off work to on-site play facilities, the following companies have amazing perks that make them some of the top-ranked workplaces in California.


Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Google is easily one of the best-known companies across the globe and just happens to be one of the best places to work for too. The online search engine giant has been known to offer its employees all sorts of little benefits that go a long way. Google really takes a big step forward in caring for the health of all of its nearly 62,000 employees, offering things such as virtual doctor consultations, prepared organic meals, free fitness classes, nap pods, and even breast-cancer screenings.

The little bonuses don’t end there. Employees can even take advantage of on-site hair salons, oil changes, bike repairs, and laundry facilities. The list of perks is seemingly unending, giving employees something to look forward to when they get ready for work every day.


Cooley is an international law firm with headquarters in Palo Alto, CA, and offices scattered in other U.S. cities, including San Diego, Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. Cooley partners up with all sorts of technological-based companies, including the likes of Google and Facebook, to provide innovative solutions.

Its lawyers are spread out across the globe, including in Europe and Asia, and are provided with all sorts of niceties that any employee would be lucky to get from their employer. For starters, lawyers with Cooley are credited for volunteered hours in the same way that they’re credited for the paid hours worked. Partners are not only paid out based on how much business they generate for the company, but also for the contribution they provide. To make things a little fun, Cooley hosts outdoor movie nights, family Halloween parties, and even video game dance festivities.


The business and financial software firm is behind the development of some of the most popular accounting and tax tools out there, including QuickBooks and TurboTax. In addition to the amazing products they develop, Intuit can also boast being one of the best places to work for in California.

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, the company lets its employees take 10% of their work time to spend on their own projects, regardless of whether or not they’re associated with their specific jobs at Intuit. Employees are also granted eight weeks of paternal leave, a huge hike from its previous two weeks, giving parents a lot more time off to spend with their children.

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is a cloud-based solutions provider that helps organizations tap into the potential of their workforces. Based out of Santa Monica, CA, Cornerstone OnDemand offers its employees all sorts of programs that make working here great.

The company offers unique perks such as company-wide wine clubs, diving clubs, tech meet-ups, and women’s groups. There are also Bring Your Parents To Work Days in addition to the more traditional Bring Your Kid To Work days, as well as learning and leadership programs. The company is also very big on work-life balance and rewards its staff with unlimited paid time off, sabbaticals, and three weeks of time off to volunteer.


The Palo Alto, CA-based company develops virtualization software, and although the firm’s fundamentals lie with technology, it is highly successful in staying grounded to nature and fostering an environment that nurtures a person’s wellness. VMware is perched on a sprawling 105-acre campus that’s sprinkled with over 1,500 trees. There’s also an on-site fitness facility that offers a “mindfulness” class, as well as yoga, tai-chi, and meditation classes.

To further care for the well-being of its employees, VMware even allows its employees to partake in a 5-week stress management course that’s geared towards alleviating any feelings of anxiety or apprehension that may be related to their jobs or any other outside source.


Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Cadence provides its employees with a number of little extras that go a long way at making work enjoyable and rewarding. A developer of products that are used in all sorts of electronic gadgets, Cadence boasts an incredibly low turnover rate with nearly half of its staff on payroll for over a decade.

The reasons for sticking around are tough to give up: the pay is high, the culture is innovative, and employees can even tap into on-site massages, dry cleaning, and even gift wrapping services – just in time for the holiday season.


The Ventura, CA-based company manufactures products geared towards outdoors sports, such as climbing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, trail running, fly fishing, and paddling, among others. The employees who are part of the design and development of these products love the time off they’re allotted each day to dedicate to any type of extracurricular activity they choose, be it to catch some waves, hike for an hour or two, take a course, or even pick up their kids from school.

There are even on-site childcare services, paid environmental internships, company ski trips, and even covered health insurance premiums. And to top it all off, Patagonia has even implemented a 9/80 Work Week, which involves shutting down the office every other Friday and giving all employees an extra long weekend a couple of times a month.

Activision Blizzard

The manufacturer of huge entertainment franchises, including the likes of Call of Duty, makes work enjoyable for all of its employees. Based out of Santa Monica, CA, Activision Blizzard sounds as fun as its name. 

Employees are given the opportunity to enjoy their creations and are encouraged to wear their favorite costumes and participate in the company-wide squirt gun battle. The company has also implemented a program to encourage women to be part of a traditionally male-dominated industry by setting up groups that give a voice to women.

The Bottom Line

Work doesn’t have to be mentally draining or unrewarding, and these companies certainly strive to do the opposite. The unique perks offered by the above-mentioned firms make going into work enjoyable and make work-life balance easy.