7 Hotel Room Decor Tips to Use in Your Home


Ever noticed that upscale hotel rooms seem to be decorated with great style and flair? That’s because experts in the world of interior design and decor have had their hand at these spaces. Why not take some cues from these pros and bring the hotel experience back to your home? Here are 7 ways to do just that.

1. Use Mirrors to Visually Enlarge the Space

Have you ever noticed that upscale hotels rooms make use of large mirrors that are strategically placed in certain spots? The reason for that is to expand what are usually small spaces. Hotel rooms aren’t typically known for being generous in square footage, and by hanging mirrors at specific points – such as at the entrance or over desks – you can make your rooms seem a lot larger than they really are thanks to the reflective properties of mirrors.

2. Hang Luxurious Window Drapes to Ooze Opulence

Hotel designers love to use palatial draperies on the windows of hotel rooms in order to create a lux look. However, this feature is often something that many homeowners tend to overlook. The presence of beautiful, thick fabrics draped across all of your home’s windows can make an incredible difference to the look and feel of the space. Of course, custom-made drapes in fabrics like velvet or silk can be very expensive.

If your budget doesn’t permit, try to find a local sewing pro who is willing to create your drapes within your working budget. If you buy the fabric on your own, the costs can be slashed as these experts usually charge an overhead on their own fabrics. Or else, if you’re the crafty type, try your hand at hemming your favorite fabrics and create your own luxurious drapes.


3. Install Lavish Lighting

Another posh feature that you’ll notice in hotel rooms are the light fixtures. Rather than being dark and dingy, hotel rooms tend to be bright and cheerful, even if there’s limited natural light. That’s because the designers have made smart lighting decisions, and tend to layer their lighting to create a bright and ambient environment. They’ll make use of chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps, and pendant lights. The lighting in hotel rooms is used as a decorative feature in addition to being solely utilitarian. 

4. Add Colorful Flowers in Each Room

Even the most dreary of rooms can be brought to life with the simple addition of fresh, vibrant floral arrangements. In fact, adding greenery to every room in a home is a decoration must. In addition to linking the home to nature and adding an element of color to the space, flowers and plants also give off a wonderful scent that wafts throughout.

If replacing fresh flowers every week is too much for your budget to handle, add some house plants that bloom flowers instead, such as orchids, hibiscus, or African violets. Infusing elements of nature is a simple and elegant way to breathe life into your home.


5. Use Area Rugs, Pillows, and Trim to Add a Layered Look

The next time you stay at a luxury hotel, pay close attention to how the room is decorated. Aside from the fixed materials, like the flooring or the countertops, it’s the elements added on top of these which really make the room pop. Using a layered approach to your decor can create a dynamic space with depth.

Lay a lavish area rug on top of your hardwood or tile flooring; add throw pillows in various sizes, shapes, and colors to your sofas and beds; add some trim to your textile and furniture, such as edging on your window curtains or nail heads on your chairs. Layering in these ways can provide a sense of affluence to any room in your home.

6. Make Smart Use of Space

Have you noticed that everything seems to be so well-organized in a hotel room? All the tables, desks, and shelving tend to all be positioned optimally and decorated with accessories that make these pieces both functional and decorative. Everything has its place and a specific purpose. Well-designed hotel rooms are free of clutter, and house just the right amount of furniture and knick knacks.

Take some pointers from hotel rooms designed by professionals, and make sure your home is outfitted with just the right amount of furniture that’s positioned in strategic arrangements to improve function and flow. Cut down on the clutter, and keep just enough accessories out that boost the style factor without making your home look cluttered.


7. Jazz Up Your Bed

Since hotel rooms were meant primarily to provide guests with a place to sleep at night, the bed tends to be the focal point of these small spaces. Luxury hotel room beds are always well-designed with beautiful headboards, plush bedding, and decorative pillows. Layer your mattress with comfortable cotton sheets with a high thread count, a down comforter, and puffy pillows.

Outfit the bed with a cushioned headboard that is both stylish and offers a comfortable spot to rest your head when reading your favorite novel or watching TV in bed. Top off the look with side tables on each side of the bed topped with table lamps, a cozy chair, and a beautiful armoire. Don’t skimp on your bedroom just because guests aren’t likely to see it. You’re the one who spends a lot of time in there, and you should create a retreat that you’ll look forward to hanging out in every evening.

The Bottom Line

You can certainly take a lot of pointers from luxury hotel room decor and design. You can bring the vacation back home with you by incorporating some of the design and decor tricks that professional interior designers use to outfit hotel rooms, no matter what your budget may be.