Kitchen Trends Making a Splash in 2016

Just about every room in your home could be spectacular, but if the kitchen is ho-hum, there’s lost value there. The kitchen truly is the center of a home. It’s not just where dinner is prepared; it’s also where people tend to gather. Property values are largely dependent on the quality of the kitchen, so if yours needs a little TLC, now’s the time to bring it up to par.

When deciding on your kitchen design, you might want to check out what’s hot this year. Here are a few trends that are picking up steam in 2016.


Hi-Tech Spaces

Considering the fact that technology has basically taken over our lives, it’s not surprising that it’s oozing into kitchen spaces too. Modern kitchens are “smart” these days, and have a number of gadgets installed to make navigating and working in the kitchen as easy and convenient as possible.

Think hidden charging stations for your smartphones and tablets, or ovens that can be shut off when you’re not at home. There are even gadgets that can scan food and drinks and tell you their caloric content and weight, as well as tablets that operate lighting and temperatures within the space. With technology becoming more innovative at an incredible pace, there’s no doubt that the kitchen of tomorrow will be fully operated by the touch of a button.

Subdued Color Palettes

Even though all-white kitchens are still super hot these days, other kitchen colors are making their way onto the scene. Muted colors, in particular, are becoming more and more popular on cabinet doors, backsplashes, and countertops. Less-weighted hues such as light gray, pale blue, soft green, and off-white are popular alternatives to the classic white. Even the wood in the kitchen is starting to get more toned down, migrating away from the popular chocolate brown to lighter tones, such as whitewashed woods.

1980s Glam Rock

We seem to revisit decades past when it comes to fashion and interior design, and right now, the 80s is it when it comes to kitchen design. It’s not uncommon to see brass accents, mirrored backsplashes, and super-shiny countertops and cabinets. While these may have been tacky looking back, they’ve been refined for today’s style. The 80s weren’t exactly synonymous with elegance, but today’s version of that decade certainly is.

Contrasting Texture

Modern kitchen design trends are straying from typical texture contrast methods. Instead, we are seeing more designs featuring strong texture-on-texture tactics. Rather than allowing a texture to stand out in one way, today’s method incorporates different positions and patterns of the same texture.

For instance, you’ll see the same type of stone or wood finished in a few different ways and infused in one space. While the variations won’t be loud, they’ll be bold enough to make just the right amount of a statement. 

Colorful Appliances and Sinks

Splashes of vibrant color are not just reserved for accessories like pendant lighting or decor; bold hues are also being incorporated into kitchens via appliances and sinks. Many trendy homeowners are playing around with teal porcelain sinks and green ovens.

Of course, this trend isn’t exactly for everyone. In fact, it’s best reserved for trendier spaces in neighborhoods that call for it. You also might want to be careful with this trend if you plan on selling in the near future, as not all buyers will necessarily have the same affinity for color on pieces that otherwise are expected to be neutral.

The kitchen is that one space where a makeover can yield great returns. Pick your design very carefully, and you can bring a completely new and vibrant look and feel to your home.