6 Important Features Your Small Space Needs

Who says you need tons of square footage to live comfortably? In fact, smaller-scale homes are appealing to many home buyers, particularly millennials who are looking for comfort without having to dedicate all their free time to maintaining a larger property. Whether opting for a smaller space is a matter of affordability or simply a lifestyle choice, living in small quarters doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and comfort.

Here are 6 things your small space needs it as comfortable and functional as possible.

1. Lots of Natural Light


Homes that are short in square footage absolutely need maximum light exposure. It’s no secret that light helps to make a space feel larger and brighter, which is exactly what tiny homes need. The more natural light you can let in, the better. Adorn your windows with sheer coverings so you can still get some level of privacy without shading the light, and make sure you leave objects out of the way to avoid blocking all that precious light your small space needs.

2. Plenty of Mirrors


You don’t just need a mirror in your bathroom vanity to check your makeup and fix your hair. Mirrors have an amazing ability to open up a space and give it a much larger, grander feel to it. Dedicate a wall to a variety of mirrors in different sizes, shapes and frames to both create a stylish feature while visually expanding the space. If possible, hang mirrors directly across from windows to reflect the natural light and maximize its presence.

3. Storage Solutions


Nowhere is smart storage more important than in a small home. Of course, recycling your belongings is always a recommended option to avoid piling on the clutter and becoming a borderline-hoarder. But the things you’ve still got will need a proper place to call home, which can be a huge challenge.

That’s where using a little imagination and creativity comes into play when you’re working with limited space. Consider simple storage solutions, such as customized linen drawers to tuck under the bed, hanging pots and pans above the kitchen counter, or using every vertical inch of wall space to store books and toys.

Home builders are getting quite savvy in their mission to improve storage in small houses by placing built-in drawers in toe-kick areas of kitchens, and collapsible drawers in bedrooms.

4. Multi-Functional Furniture


Whether you want your home office to turn into a bedroom, or you just need extra storage space in your living room, furniture that serves more than one purpose allows you to improve the usability of your home. You’ve got plenty of options in this realm, from beds that fold into the wall, to ottomans that open up into storage space, to end tables that even transform into chairs!

These days, furniture designers are getting really creative with their designs, many of which are catered specifically to those living in tight, cramped spaces. 

5. Room Dividers


You don’t have to sacrifice privacy or the illusion of a number of spaces just because size isn’t on your side. With a decorative room divider or two, you can easily and quickly create the look of multiple areas to ”separate” spaces.

6. Shelves, Hooks & Pegboards


When you live in a small space, there’s inevitably going to have to be things put on display, no matter how smart your storage is. Making use of all your wall space for hooks, pegboards, and shelves can help keep all those frequently-used items conveniently close by, yet out of the way.

Tiny spaces can work really well – it’s just a matter of ensuring that every square inch of the place is put to good use. While smaller homes may be a more of a design challenge than larger homes, incorporating these features can help make small-space living a lot more comfortable without sacrificing style.