6 Ideas for Creative and Unique Housewarming Gifts

As the real estate market picks up, almost everyone knows someone in the process of buying a house. Once the boxes are unpacked and the place starts to feel like home, it’s only natural to start planning a housewarming party. Tradition advises attendees to arrive with items like bread, salt, and wine, but many of today’s homeowners don’t know what those symbolic gifts mean.

Instead of settling for household items at the risk of duplicating someone else’s gift, there are some creative and original gifts you can take to your next housewarming parties. Many of them cost very little money, so you’ll also be able to stick with your own household budget while shopping.

Kitchen Utensil Bouquet


Everyone needs kitchen utensils, but wrapping up a box of utensils can feel unimaginative. Instead buy a mixing bowl, a couple of white kitchen towels, and a gift bow and put together this unique bouquet. Your gift will be the hit of the party and it will likely cost you $20 or less, depending on where you buy your items.

A Taste of the Beach


If you live near a beach or plan to vacation there soon, consider bringing back some sand and shells to put together a fun centerpiece for your kitchen or coffee table. By adding a candle and a clear glass bowl, you can create a great gift at a great price. You may even have a glass bowl around the house that you can repurpose for your gift.

Wi-Fi Password QR Code

If you’ve ever had a guest shout, “What’s your Wi-Fi password?” you know how complicated it can be, especially if you use long, complex word-and-number combinations. You can make a QR code out of your friend’s Wi-Fi password and frame it to provide as a housewarming gift.

Mixtape Doormat

Cassette tapes are a lost relic of a bygone era, but older homeowners have a nostalgia for them. Younger generations often find them intriguing. This personalized doormat looks like a mixtape and costs only $38.

DIY Towel Cake


With a couple of bath towels, some hand towels, some washcloths, and a few other supplies, you can create a towel cake that looks amazing. Use various towel colors and coordinating ribbons to get creative with your own towel cake. Your party host will have a new selection of towels and you’ll have spent a fraction of what you would have paid for another type of gift.

Yankee Candle Tart Bouquet


Yankee Candle sells flower-shaped wax melts that can be used in a fragrance warmer. Each melt costs only $1.99 and, with only a dozen of these melts, you can create a fun floral bouquet. You’ll also need stakes, fake greenery, and a flowerpot. You can also create a floral tree using the melts.

If you’ve been invited to a housewarming party, there are fun gifts you can put together that won’t cost a fortune. You’ll be the hit of the party and the homeowner will have something that will last long after their floral bouquets die and their bottles of wine are empty.